Crypto week at a glance: Bitcoin drops below $40,000 as crypto dominates Super Bowl – Economic Times

Did you Know?
From tracking sustainability of products to monitoring pollution, environmental researchers are now finding blockchain’s use in solving the climate crisis.
Crypto bourses eye products based on Indian index
JPMorgan calls for regulatory quick fix for crypto hedging
NYSE moves closer to NFT trading with trademark application
The capital market regulator is taking a close look at how private equity houses (PE) and venture capital funds (VCF) value the startups and unicorns they bankroll.
The government is working on a plan to revive stalled gas-fired plants and will provide them with a separate high-price market to sell electricity, power and new and renewable energy minister RK Singh said.
The Reserve Bank of India is estimated to have sold about $13 billion in the spot market in August to defend the rupee from falling further against the US dollar, top dealers told ET, citing the depletion in the country’s forex reserves.
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