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Polygon price analysis has turned bullish a few days ago, as price racked up more than 5 percent to move as high as $0.73 over the past 24 hours. Since the extensive market crash earlier in May, MATIC has gained over 40 percent since the low of $0.52 on May 12, 2022. Major technical indicators for the current trend point towards a rally up to $2.10. Buy stops are placed at $0.51 while buyers are expected to hold for now and consolidate upwards. The upward trend may face resistance past the $1 mark as the overall market currently faces greater uncertainty and volatility than before the crash.
Important news around the Polygon Network at the start of this year is the launch of a photography NFT platform that will be deployed through the Polygon blockchain. The platform is the product of the Associated Press and aims to enable collectors to purchase and trade tokenized photographs from global news. AP’s goal is to cover subjects in climate change, space, and war through photojournalism.
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Today’s Polygon price today is $0.669008 with a 24-hour trading volume of $353,788,803. Polygon is up 4.88% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #17, with a live market cap of $5,319,192,698. It has a circulating supply of 7,950,866,567 MATIC coins and a max. supply of 10,000,000,000 MATIC coins.
The outlook for the coin looks more positive after the news that Polygon had raised a $450m war chest through a private sale of its native MATIC token to advance the mass adoption and its own position in Web3.
What do you think will be the top project for #Polygon in 2022?
Which projects do you want to see more of on #Polygon through 2022?
Polygon is the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to all major scaling and infrastructure solutions: L2 solutions, sidechains, hybrid solutions, stand-alone and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and more. Polygon’s scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption with 3000+ applications hosted, 1B+ total transactions processed, ~100M+ unique user addresses, and $5B+ in assets secured.
Mina Protocol and Polygon are working towards implementing support for Mina on Polygon PoS. This bridge will enable developers building applications on Polygon to leverage privacy and verifiability via Mina’s zero knowledge-SNARK-based protocol.
Polygon is an Ethereum-based project that hopes to solve fundamental issues the Ethereum blockchain faces, such as interoperability and scalability. It is the first project on the Ethereum blockchain to launch an adequately structured tool that addresses Ethereum scaling problem. Consequently, many have termed Polygon as Ethereum scaling solution.
Ethereum is home to several DeFi projects like the Polygon, formerly known as the Matic network. Since the Matic network has brought numerous functionalities to the entire Ethereum blockchain, several developers have taken an interest in the project that has, in turn, led to steady growth of Matic price.
Major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc., witnessed a slump on the 1st week of June, and yet, the value of Polygon(MATIC) rose nearly 35% in the same period. Investors saw Polygon (MATIC) as the next big thing, and in a short period, it surged past other cryptos to rank among the top 15 biggest cryptos globally.
In Feb 2021, Polygon rebranded itself and upgraded it by bringing in promising metaverse projects and integrating Matic Plasma Chain. This development provided a layer one blockchain network with integrated scaling solutions for NFT, DeFi, etc.
Polygon has become a massive hit in India and led cryptocurrency exchanges like CoinSwitch Kuber to list the currency on their platforms. Polygon Matic price prediction is based on analyzing the previous price and forecasting the future. Polygon price predictions on Cryptopolitan are based on analyzing the entire cryptocurrency market, price action, and trends to determine whether Polygon cryptocurrency is a good investment.
Polygon (Matic) was formerly known as the Matic network, and it was developed on the Ethereum blockchain to solve scalability issues faced by Ethereum. The Matic network employs its unique Polygon SDK to create interactive decentralized applications (dApps) on the DeFi platform. It combines both PoS and plasma framework in its core and runs on Ethereum layer two.
Polygon successfully converts the limited Ethereum blockchain into an open blockchain network usable by many. In essence, it makes Ethereum steady as the internet of blockchains.
In turn, Polygon (Matic) project benefits immensely from the already established Ethereum blockchain in several ways. Firstly, every blockchain project needs a secure security infrastructure, the Matic network benefits from Ethereum’s array of qualities such as an active and vibrant community, established security systems, and transparency.
Within the Polygon network, transactions are settled using the Matic coin. Matic price has risen over the years, sparking interest from cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Polygon technology has improved efficiency within the Ethereum blockchain. Today, Polygon boasts of handling up to 65,000 transactions per second on its single sidechain. Similarly, it has averaged an impressive block confirmation time of two seconds per transaction.
According to Polygon’s plan, all Matic coins will have been released by December 2022, which is good news for long-term investors because it guarantees significant future gains.
Since its inception in 2017, Matic tokens have had an incredible run that has withstood the test of unforgiving crypto market turmoil that usually ends up wiping out invalid tokens.
Matic has a total market cap of $7,730,433,023 with an average daily trading volume of $1,224,150,489.
Despite the prevailing bearish trend currently experienced in the crypto market, experts are convinced by Matic’s crypto price prognosis and price forecast data that indicates an overall bullish trend for the long-term investment horizon.
Based on Coingecko’s data, Polygon had recorded impressive gains since its launch back in 2017. The crypto token has recorded incredible gains of up to 44157.6%, and the rally is expected to continue in the following years.
Matic recorded its all-time low price of $0.003143 in May 2019 during the famous bearish run. However, since then, the coin had continued to make significant gains until May 2021, when it recorded a new all-time high price of $2.62. It seems then that May is the month of Polygon, after all.
Cryptocurrencies are a fickle thing – it’s impossible to predict which will be popular in the future and which will lose favor. However, we think that Matic has a lot of potentials and will hold its value well.
Polygon’s price has increased by 3.69 percent in the previous 24 hours due to an increase in trading volume and market cap.
Polygon is having difficulty gaining traction with other cryptocurrencies. In the previous seven days, the MATIC has dropped to around -3.03 percent. The currency has been demonstrating risky framing segments over the previous several days; the coin may have excellent fundamentals, but we do not believe it will be a successful asset in the short run.
MATIC price dropped by -61.536 percent in the previous month, subtracting a stunning average of $1.05 from its present value. This abrupt drop indicates that the currency is now in a slump, indicating that it might be an excellent purchase opportunity for a quick investment.
The 90-day price change is around -69.31 percent, with the price fluctuating between a minimum average price of $1.83 and a maximum average price of $2.23 in the previous 90 days.
Polygon is down by -61.26 percent in the last four months, with the maximum average price of the coin being around $1.77 and the minimum average price being around $1.69 but today the price exhibits bullishness.
Polygon, formerly Matic network, has been considered a stable investment by crypto enthusiasts. Anyone interested in Ethereum and its bundle of projects likely has an affinity for Matic.
It is a well-structured organization with clear goals of extending the scalability of the Ethereum blockchain and making cryptocurrency more accessible to the public. If the project continues to push forward strides, its success is inevitable, and consequently, Matic holders will benefit significantly.
Investing is a full-time activity that requires individuals to analyze potential risks and returns before committing. However, within the crypto world, numerous uncertainties shape the prices of crypto coins. Therefore, even for a seasoned professional, it is challenging to make precise predictions on the price of a coin based on historical price actions alone.
However, for an individual to earn impressive returns on their investments, they must take risks. Here, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of investing in the Polygon ecosystem.
Since Matic is a scaling solution on the Ethereum blockchain, it is difficult to foresee its downfall. Therefore, most forecasts are convinced that Polygon will be in existence for years to come. So what are some of the pros of investing in this token?
It is indeed public knowledge that investments always come with a degree of risks. Investing in Matic may result in losses if careful considerations of the involved risks aren’t well conducted. Below are some possible shortcomings of investment in Matic.
If you would like to know where to buy Polygon, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Polygon stock are currently Binance, OKX, Hotcoin Global, and Bitget.
The MATIC coin price is currently in the accumulation zone and has broken over the previous support level. It backed up to the level of its channel and its support after it broke its downward channel and lost its support, and it also broke its downward channel.
According to the projections, it will keep falling by 32 cents before beginning its ascent from that point onward.
Polygon price predictions/MATIC forecasts were evaluated using deep artificial intelligence-assisted technical analysis on Polygon price data from the past. Maximum historical data for the MATIC currency was evaluated, which included several criteria such as previous price, Polygon market cap, Polygon volume, and a few more. If you want to invest in digital cryptocurrency and get a high return on your investment, read these forecasts.
WalletInvestor made projections on the future prices of a wide variety of Polygon assets using technical analysis. If you are interested in virtual currencies that offer a solid return, MATIC may be an investment choice that is advantageous for you. On May 22, 2022, the price of a polygon was equivalent to 0.649 USD. If you purchase Polygon now for the price of one hundred dollars, you will receive a grand total of 154.068 MATIC. According to the projections that we have made, we anticipate long-term growth, and the price estimate for 2027-05-15 is 4.182 US Dollars. It is anticipated that the return on investment will be around +544.38 percent over a period of 5 years. Your present investment of $100 might grow to be worth up to $644.38 in the year 2027.
The technical analysis performed by TradingBeasts indicates that MATIC might reach the $3 threshold in 2022 before continuing its rising trajectory. It is possible that the average exchange rate for MATIC will reach $5 before the end of the year.
MATIC’s 2022 outlook is good. If investors “push” the asset’s price above $2.92, it might reach $4.75 by 2022. Most crypto specialists are optimistic that MATIC will attract more investors in the long run. A $5.68 average and $5.29 minimum are expected for 2023. The coin’s value might reach $6.51 by 2023. Developers and community investors may boost MATIC’s worth. Bullish trend expected for 2024. By 2024, MATIC might reach $9.55. MATIC’s end-of-year pricing might be $7.93. If the initiative draws more investors, MATIC’s price might reach $10.92 by 2025. The maximum price in 2025 might be $14.18, with a minimum of $11.33. In 2030, MATIC’s average rate will start at $47.88 and conclude at $69.76. Polygon’s price might reach $79.32 if all goes well. The bitcoin market is unstable and volatile, so things may change quickly.
Polygon’s price is expected to fall to a minimum of $0.75 in 2022, based on our extensive technical analysis of MATIC’s previous price history. With an average price of $0.77, the MATIC price may rise as high as $0.86.
In 2023, the price of Polygon is expected to drop to $1.05 at the very least. In 2023, the Polygon price is expected to average $1.09 and reach a high of $1.28.
On a price and technical analysis, Polygon is expected to fall to a minimum of $1.54 in 2024. With an average price of $1.60, the MATIC price can rise as high as $1.84.
In 2025, the price of 1 Polygon is predicted to be $2.15 at the very least. There’s a chance that the MATIC price will hit $2.65 in 2025, with an average price of $2.23 throughout the year.
In 2026, the price of Polygon is expected to drop as low as $3.06 per polygon. A maximum price of $3.68 is feasible for MATIC, with an average forecasted price of $3.15, according to our research.
Polygon’s price is expected to fall to $4.28 in 2027, based on our extensive technical research of MATIC’s previous price history. The greatest price of Polygon is $5.30, with an average trading value of $4.44. Polygon’s price is volatile.
In 2028, Polygon price is expected to fall to a minimum of $6.29. With an average trading price of $6.51 until 2028, the Polygon price may reach a maximum value of $7.65.
Price projection and technical analysis indicate that in 2029 Polygon’s market value will be $8.69 at its lowest point. The MATIC price ranges from $9.02 on average to a high of $10.79.
In 2030, Polygon price is expected to have a minimum price of $13.00. With an average trading price of $13.36 in 2030, the Polygon price may reach a maximum value of $15.32.
A study of the most recent price movement reveals that the coin is positioned for tremendous growth and might be an attractive investment opportunity for both active and strategic investors. In addition, the need for Web3 infrastructure and the use of cryptocurrencies in the regular industry should both help to benefit the Matic coin price forecast. However, it is expected to continue decreasing by another 32 cents before commencing its climb from that point on in the coming week.
Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.
Polygon’s value is likely to climb as a result of a lack of supply. Please keep in mind that each investment comes with a degree of risk. Make the most of what you’ve got before making any decisions and do as much research as you can.
Polygon’s pricing has the ability to soar to new heights. The price of MATIC is expected to rise in the near future. Experts and business professionals estimate that Polygon’s peak price will be $22.82 by 2030.