These Two Alt Coins Are Headed For a Boost, Crypto Analyst Says – TheStreet

Cryptocurrency Polkadot that trades under the symbol DOTUSD could more than double to touch a $100, according to a recent tweet by popular online trader "Crypto Capo." 
Polkadot's native coin DOT closed trading at $45.15 on Monday. Dot was trading 0.51% lower in after-hours trading. Dot broke above $50 on Nov. 2 according to a report by Yahoo Finance.
"Polkadot has had a good season, not just in terms of coin price but also in terms of network performance," according to Yahoo.
"Altcoins such as polkadot have been on a tear this year, though some analysts believe they are still undervalued, given their promise for new applications," Business Insider reported last month. Over 2021 so far, the coin has risen by almost 852%, according to Binance data.
Polkadot platform was created by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood.
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Separately, Crypto Capo was also bullish on's native FET token. FET is priced at 86 cents, 26.8% below its all time high of $1.17 according to data from Coinbase.
Capo tweeted,"$FET Testing again the previous range high. Taking off soon," to his 202,100 followers on Sunday.
FET is a token that is based on the Ethereum blockchain and that powers applications on Fetch's platform. 
That provides users access to artificial intelligence and autonomous agents in manufacturing and supply chains, among other areas.
Meanwhile, Bitcoin which closed trading at $63,864 on Monday, Capo said will likely consolidate "above 65250-65500 would be the bullish confirmation. It's likely imo."
The price of Bitcoin was 0.19% lower in after hours trading at last check.
Real Money columnist Timothy Collins last week said, Ethereum is the place with most action. 
"Bitcoin really doesn't have a role in NFT creation or trading. It doesn't have much, if any, role in NFT gaming. It doesn't touch much in the alt coin space. Ethereum is used in all of these areas," Collins wrote.
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